General Information Videos

Informational videos and promotional videos frequently published by the manufacturer to introduce new products or features. You will also find case study videos here.


How does the Dyson Airblade TAP actually work in practice?

The re-engineering of the Airblade dB (AB14)

What's behind the World Dryer VERDEdri?

Americn Dryer Clean Plasma Cold technology explanation

The Original, the XLERATOR. Feel the Power.

The ultra efficient XLERATOReco by Excel Dryer.

The World Dryer SMARTdri.

The World Dryer SLIMdri.

The VMax Hands-in dryer from World.

Demonstration Videos

Videos that show a product in use. Demonstrating features or characteristics such as noise level or dry time.


Dyson Airblade “dB” AB14 Demonstration

Dyson Airblade “V” AB12 Demonstration

World Dryer VERDEdri Q-974 Demonstration

Americn Dryer eXtremeAir CPC9 Demonstration

Excel Dryer ThinAir TA-ABS Demonstration

Bobrick TerraDryB-7188 Demonstration

Bobrick DuraDry B-770 Demonstration

World Dryer VMax V-674 Demonstration